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For a survey of the books translated by Peter Meeuse and the books he is working on, click here. For a selection from the business translations of Meeuse Translation Service, click here.
Cordys Cordys
This international enterprise offers companies a complete solution to automate and manage business processes. We have performed several translations for Cordys.
Kliksafe Kliksafe
We have translated and tested the computer program Kliktime for this Internet Service Provider. This software enables parents to control their children's computer usage.
BVD advocaten BVD advocaten
Bouwman & Van Dommelen advocaten is a lawyer's office that has specialized in labour law, divorce, injury and company law.
EAZZ Moving EAZZ Moving
EAZZ Moving is specialized in designing changing areas in sports and wellness centres. We translated information about their products.
Jongbloed Jongbloed
Jongbloed consists of a graphics company and publishing group. We translated True Devotion by Dee Henderson and other books for them.
De Banier De Banier
De Banier is a Reformed publishing company that is part of Erdee Media Groep. We translate theological works for them.
Kok Kok
Kok is a publisher of books and magazines in the broad area of metaphysics, religion and theology. We have translated several books for them.
JFSG Jacobus Fruytier Scholengemeenschap
We translate teaching materials into English for this comprehensive secondary school.
VLC Van Lodenstein College
We translate teaching materials into English for this comprehensive secondary school.
GezinsGids GezinsGids
GezinsGids is a Christian magazine that discusses current topics from a Reformed perspective.
Board for Israel Board for Israel
This organization is in the first place intended to acqaint Jews in several countries with the Biblical message. We performed several translation and interpreting services for them.